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Dec 13, 2020


The Podcast of Oa Episode 182 is an extra-sized episode as co-hosts Myron Rumsey and Phil Bova take to the Podcastverse to discuss a wide array of Green Lantern topics.  After sharing some Green Lantern news, Phil and Myron tackle the controversy sparked with the announcement of Geoffrey Thorne writing a new ongoing Green Lantern series and the revelation that his social media presence shows that he's a very biased John Stewart fanboy.  Myron and Phil also review the conclusion of Geoff Johns first Green Lantern arc as Hal Jordan takes on the Shark, Black Hand, and the Kroloteans in Green Lantern volume 4 number 6.  There's also a lot of listener feedback this episode and our fellow Green Lantern fans chime in on the portrayal of Alan Scott in the upcoming HBO Max series.  One listener also inspires Phil's spotlight on Lin Canar in this episode's "Know Your Corps" segment.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro / GL news
00:15:05 Twittergate - the Geoff Thorne controversy
00:55:36 Green Lantern Vol. 4 #6 Review
01:12:21 Listener Feedback
01:35:09 Know Your Corps - Lin Canar
01:36:35 Closing